Wednesday, 14 December 2011 it's cold outside!

Feeling Jack Frost yet? With Arctic winds prevailing and the threat of a cold and white Christmas, I do whatever any cold-blooded woman does - piles on the layers! However, I may not need to much longer, thanks to much more stylish thermals on offer. Thermals, by any stretch of the imagination are not things to be shown off....until now.
Hot Squash is a revolutionary system designed to keep the heat in, without making you sweaty, and always keeping you looking sleek and stylish. In their own words, "Unique lovely soft fabrics which keep you toasty warm, while looking sleek and never bulky. They are also quick drying and breathable."  The proof is in the product, they are lovely, and not limited to bland tops and leggings!

As well as essential tops and long/short sleeve t-shirts and bottoms, the site offers pretty blouses, dresses, tailored trousers. I'm stocking up for the year ahead!
Keyhole Top, £45.99

Waterfall top, £45.99
Tie-back dress, £77
Smarty pants, £115

For those of you on the other end of the heating scale, next season they will also offer a cooling technology section, which does the opposite - cooling all day.

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