Monday, 6 August 2012

Do you Desire to be Inspired?

Whilst my love for fashion is unlikely to wane, since moving home last year, I also flirt with my love for decorating and design of my house. And even though my wishes don't always result in actions, I keep a scrapbook folder of things I've seen in catalogues, magazines etc to keep hold off. I never rush into making changes to my home - its rather more long-lasting and intensive than simply buying a new length skirt that you can decide to not wear! If I look back at an idea or a tear 6 months later and still love it - then I'll try and make it happen...(and convince the husband to do it!)

Stumbled Upon an amazing site a few weeks ago - Desire to Inspire. From it, I can not only indulge in my love for checking out other people's gorgeous homes around the world, but also build a desktop folder of home ideas and inspirations. My current favourite can be found online under the name Park House. Be careful - its highly addictive!

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