Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hush... my secret weekend wardrobe...

Hush is my go-to place for comfy and lovely loungewear (as I type this blog, I am wearing my year-old butterfly printed PJ bottoms - oh so stylish for a Fashion Editor!) In a market where it is almost impossible to get stylish and practical PJ's - when you're not ready for an old-fashioned nightie, but can't relax in sexy smalls - Hush is the place to check out.

Spotty bed shorts, down to £12 in the sale
Stripe PJ's, down to £30 in the sale
The PJ's do what they say on the tin, but in fun, cute and stylish prints and shapes, with some boyish influences. The rest of the day-wear and loungewear is the opitome of cosy weekends and relaxing nights-in, as well as lazy holidays. My favourite part - throws and scarves, treats, and also check out the jewellery and more accessories...
Knit Dress, down to £30 in the sale

Summer cardigown, down to £40 in the sale
Just remember - keep it hushed!

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