Tuesday, 23 August 2011

War of the Roses....

My husband and I only disagree on a few points, but unfortunately, they never change. One of these sticking points, is flowers. Simply put - I love flowers, all different colours, shapes, sizes, smells, and feel of displaying them. He hates them and doesn't see the point - how very practical and masculine of him! I love small florists who have a clear opinion on design and decorative style, and absolutely love Achillea, in West Hampstead. They are unashamedly feminine and natural.

These images have inspired so many ideas on choosing blooms, how many in each display and new thoughts on cute ways to show them off - think perfume bottles, buckets, as well as showing different shapes and sizes together...

Get in touch with them at Clare and Kate, Achillea,  92 Mill Lane NW6 1NL. 020 7431 1727

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