Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding? Oh I do love a commemorative royal cup....

I love a wedding, ever since I was personally seized with wedding fever for my own, I have loved fawning over tulle, discussing veils, food choices, music and don't get me started on the jewellery! (I would absolutely love this as a job, should the fashion party come to an end...)

Of course, I am truly in the grips of the wedding fever of a certain Prince and his chosen one....and seeing the beautiful flags all along Regent Street and Pall Mall, it has also brought out the patriotic side in me and most of London (even though they do love to be-moan the state of mania)...

However, the best (and worst) of huge national celebrations must be the cute, funny and tacky memorabilia and souvenirs. Behold.....

Lambswool gloves, £35,

Tea towel, £10.

Print, £29.95,

Sick bag, £3,

Tea towel. £10,

Ooops, who is she marrying???

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